pondelok 4. marca 2013

Ruidos y Susurros de las Vanguardias / Noises and Whispers in Avant Gardes

Futurism, Dadaism, Constructivism, Surrealism, Activism and many other -isms in this fun-packed double CD [Allegro 015, 2004]!

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štvrtok 25. marca 2010

Olga Neuwirth - Who am I? / No More

"2 audio films" by Olga Neuwirth. Combination of quotations from Kafka and Zappa, combined with spectralist-flavoured fragments from classical compositions, jazz big band entries and bicycle wheels buzzing. Performed by ICI Ensemble with Neuwirth on laptop, released by NEOS in 2009.

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sobota 6. marca 2010

Sutartinės [1]

Recently I have fallen in love with this kind of polyphonic Lithuanian folk music. Minimalism was seemingly invented in 16th century by Lithuanian folks. Songs are performed by kanklės player Arvydas Kirda and ensembles Try keturiose, Griežikai and Jievaras.

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štvrtok 28. januára 2010

György Ligeti - Requiem / Lontano / Continuum

Hi! So I'm presenting you first product of my first turntable ever. Wergo reissued this version of Requiem (still the best version in my opinion) only as Requiem / Aventures / Nouvelle Aventures. The piece is, however, in better company on this vinyl, with Lontano and Continuum. These performances haven't been reissued on CDs to my knowledge. So here's the vinyl rip. Sound quality is not awesome, but I think it's still quite OK.

performers: Requiem - Sinfonie-Orchester des Hessischen Rundfunks, Dirigent: Michael Gielen, Chöre des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Leitung: Wolfgang Schubert, Liliana Poli, Sopran, Barbro Ericson, Mezzosopran; Lontano - Sinfonie-Orchester des Südwestfunks, Leitung: Ernest Bour; Continuum - Solisten: Antoinette Vischer
label: Wergo (WER 60045)
release date: 1968

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štvrtok 7. januára 2010

Georg Friedrich Haas - Streichquartette 1 und 2

performed by: Kairos Quartett
published by Edition Zeitklang in 2004.

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sobota 12. decembra 2009

John Cage - Variations VII

In 1966, Cage set this strange concert. Telephones were placed around the city, through telephone lines sounds were received in the concert hall and manipulated on-stage. What you can hear is what was happening at the time in the city. In addition, this is comined with objects of everyday use like ventilators or fans amplified. This is the most magical of Cage's Variations for me, different to jovial anarchy of Variations IV. The whole performance was videotaped and recently released on DVD. This DVD contained bonus: audio track of whole performance lasting 86 minutes. This audio track is what I'm offering to you here. Enjoy!

1, 2, 3.

piatok 4. decembra 2009

Ljubica Marić - Songs of Space; Byzantine Concerto; Threshold of Dream; Ostinato Super Thema Otoïcha

performers: Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, RTB Chamber Orchestra, RTB Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra, Oskar Danon, Mladen Jagušt.
released on Chandos.

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