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Classical music - shooting at random

There is no system in this blog. Just as I has been uploading some music for friends, recently, I don't want it just stay there, but I want to make I available for larger public. Here it comes:

Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis / Pithoprakta / Eonta

Application of early Xenakis' ideas of mathematics in music. Lot of clusters and glissandi. But if you listen closely you can hear it's all goal-directed. And it's a lot of fun, too. This is recording from 1965.

get it here.

Morton Feldman - For Philip Guston

My favorite piece of music ever. Feldman takes you to the four-hour-long journey were time ceases to exist, sounds are just there, isolated, and where you can meet the ghost of the pasts and hallucination from the future, and where emotions arise from absurd nothingness. The music re-invented. This is performance by California EAR Unit from 1997. Ripped from original CDs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Gruppen

My favorite piece by Stockhausen is his work for three orchestras - Gruppen. You can drown yourself in the conversation you can't fully understand and decode, but it's fun to listen to nonetheless. Like a game: sounds appearing here and there and you can try to guess what is question, what is answer and what has no relation to the other sounds at all. It comes in two versions:
First is a recording with Stockhausen as conductor from 1957. This record contains work Carré for four orchestras and four choirs, too.
Second is a recording with Eötvös (Stockhausen's long-time collaborator) as conductor from 2006. This record contains work Punkte, too.

La Monte Young - The Melodic Version of the Second Dream of the High Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from the Four Dreams of China

Droning classic with the coolest title by father of minimalism. Four muted trumpets playing four tones for 77 minutes. The epitome of eternity. Fucking gorgeous.

get it here.

Sergei Prokofiev - Prokofiev plays Prokofiev: Piano Concerto no. 3 + solo works

Prokofiev was a piano virtuoso as well, and he managed to record some of his works, too. These recordings are from 1932 (Piano Concert) and 1935 (solo works), respectively. Sound quality is predictably awful, but you get a fine document from maestro himself.

get it here and here.

So I hope you will enjoy some of these pieces!

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Anonymný povedal(a)...

any chance you could re-upload discs 3 and 4 of feldman's "for philip guston"? mediafire can't seem to find them. thanks?

subversion283 povedal(a)...


Please try it once again, I can see them alright in my mediafire account and download works fine for me.

Re-uploading would be difficult in this case, so please make sure the fault is not on your side.

Anonymný povedal(a)...

Hello! Greetings from Canada. I just downloaded Stockhausen's 'Gruppen/Punkte', with Eotvos conducting. I've been listening to Stockhausen's own version since 1975. I am looking forward to hearing new interpretations of these pieces. Many thanks for this posting.


Ego Kornus povedal(a)...

Hi there saludos from Buenos AIres thanks for posting Feldmans Guston!
The next 4,5 im not avaiable, jeje