pondelok 2. marca 2009

Contemporary Slovak underground

This post contains some links to some fine underground contemporary Slovak music compiled from other sites and forums so you can find it here in one place (in other words, I'm stealing from thieves, hahaha!).

Ali Ibn Rachid

An underground rock group from Prešov and one of the best things from Slovak rock music. Check them out on RYM.

get it here:
first album,
second album.

Peťo Tázok - Album

Underground hip-hop. In 2006 Tázok released his debut EP called Vp84 through the internet, which can be legally downloaded here. It was something like revelation for Slovak hip-hop scene. His music was packed with urban paranoia, suicidal thoughts and self-loathing. And if you want more of it, check out his 2008 full-lenght album called, well, "Album".

get it here.

Chiki-Liki-Tu-a - Nezatváraj Milan dvere

A debut self-released album from another rock band from Prešov. Partly influenced by Ali Ibn Rachid, their music is again packed with satire, with a bit of tragicomedy. Check out their official website.

get it here and here. Pasword is "upload_by_zaky".

There is probably more to come.

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